Caring for your Puppy

Preparing For Your New Bullmastiff

• A crate of sufficient size for a fast growing dog
• Bedding that can be easily washed and dried
• An adjustable flat collar
• 2 stainless steel, ceramic or glass dog bowls (plastic not recommended)
• Soft thistle brush, fine toothed flea comb, rubber curry comb and nail clippers
• Cleaning supplies for accidents on the floor and carpet (Nature's Miracle or Odor Ban)
• Paper towels and old clean rags
• Toys: soft fleece or furry toys, a medium ball and chew toys
• High quality dog food for you large breed puppies

Bringing Your Bullmastiff Home
• Keep noise and confusion to a minimum as this is a tiring and traumatic event for the dog
• From day 1, take the dog outside to the place you want him to eliminate
• Let the puppy explore his surroundings and find some new toys, but always keep the puppy in sight
• After 20-40 minutes of play/exploration, take the pup back outside to relieve itself
Housetraining Your Bullmastiff
• Restrict the pup to a small sleeping area such as a crate
• Diligently watch the puppy whenever it is playing or at large in the house
• Take time for frequent trips outdoors
• Stay up late at night and get up early in the morning (as much as possible) to avoid accidents
• Success relies on Consistency with training!
Grooming Tips
• Brush the dog anytime you have the chance (to clean and also calm the dog)
• Check the teeth for tartar and examine the coat for parasites regularly
• Wash a pup's face with a warm, wet cloth at least once or twice a day or after each meal
• Keep water out of the ears because of common ear infections with the breed - get an ear cleanser from the vet
• It is very important to trim the dogs nails - if you are not comfortable doing this, see your vet or pet groomer.

Adoption Information

Information the customer needs to know about adopting from McDonalds Bullmastiffs
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