Health Certifications

At McDonalds Bullmastiffs we have the highest standards in caring for our dogs to insure you the highest quality dog.

All of our dogs have had their hips, eyes, thyroids and hearts tested annually by qualified veterinarians.

Awards & Certifications

Mugzy - C.G.C. and T.D.I. certified

Mugzy - Pizxy – CGC, Grand Champion (2014)









The Bullmastiff Breed

The Bullmastiff is the lion of the dog world. He is massive, arrogant, powerful and brave--a truly underrated, undervalued king among dogs. He doesn't snap or nip and seldom barks. He can track as well as guard, is easy to train and control, and will love and protect -- perhaps more than any other breed -- children.

On duty, he does not savage his prey but silently and effectively detains it. That great, powerful head with the ferocious, scowling, black mask and the lasting impression of physical power, make the Bullmastiff a formidable, commanding figure for any wrongdoer to confront.

The Bullmastiff - a fearless, superbly proportioned, imposing-looking animal, combining the massiveness and sheer pugnacity of appearance of the age-old beautifully natured Mastiff breed, with the famed courage and proven endurance of the renowned Bulldog.


About McDonalds Bullmastiffs

Located in Medina OH. If you are looking for information on Bullmastiffs you've come to the right spot. Once or twice a year we breed our girls. Click on the links above to see the dogs and learn more about this wonderful breed.
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